Le Avventure di Pinocchio, di Carlo Collodi

Le mie proposte per l'edizione 2016 del Premio Il Battello a Vapore.
My entries for the contest Premio Il Battello a Vapore, 2016.
Capitolo V - Pinocchio ha fame e cerca un uovo per farsi una frittata...
Chapter 5 - Pinocchio is hungry and looks for an egg to cook himself an omelet...

Capitolo XII - ...e Pinocchio, invece, si lascia abbindolare dalla Volpe e dal Gatto e se ne va con loro.
Chapter 12 - ...but the Marionette meets a Fox and a Cat and follows them.

Capitolo XXXII - A Pinocchio gli vengono gli orecchi di ciuco, e poi diventa un ciuchino vero e comincia a ragliare.
Chapter 32 - Pinocchio’s ears become like those of a Donkey. In a little while he changes into a real Donkey and begins to bray.

Capitolo XXXVI - Finalmente Pinocchio cessa d’essere un burattino e diventa un ragazzo.
Chapter 36 - Pinocchio finally ceases to be a Marionette and becomes a boy.

Poster Spy’s Alternative Movie Poster Collection

I am happy to announce that I'm part of this beautiful project full of great artists!
A selection of my movie posters will be published in this Artbook edited by Poster Spy and ARTtitude and published by Plan9 Entertainment.
Felice di annunciare di essere parte dei 58 artisti scelti a far parte di questo bellissimo progetto! 
Una selezione dei miei poster ispirati a pellicole cinematografiche sarà pubblicata in questo Artbook edito da Poster Spy e ARTtitude e pubblicato dalla francese Plan9 Entertainment.

ARTtitude is proud to present: Poster Spy’s Alternative Movie Poster Collection.Poster Spy, a website launched in 2014, is a community showcase website for alternative poster artists, this book focuses on Movie Posters. Poster Spy’s Alternative Movie Poster Collection features the work of 58 incredible artists from countries all over the world.
All artists featured in this collection are members of the Poster Spy art community.
This book serves as a tribute to what was once a dying form of art. Artists like Drew Struzan, Richard Amsel and Bob Peak among others paved the way for illustrated design but sadly this isn’t seen anymore in commercial marketing.
More recently, artists have taken it upon themselves to create their own movie posters.
We invite you to uncover the world of the alternative poster movement and enjoy over 200 pages of incredible artwork for various different films across the history of cinema. 
  • Publisher: Plan9 Entertainment
  • 242 pages
  • Language: English
  • Format: 21 X 29,7 cm
  • Limited print : 1000 copies
  • ISBN: 979-10-93398-13-6
  • Softcover
You can buy the Artbook here on PosterSpy or here on Plan9 Entertainment.